William Wordsworth (1770-1850)

1770 He was born in the family of an 深圳市居住证综合信息网 attorney。 He was educated at St。 John\‘s College, Cambridge。

1790-92He traveled to France 深圳市居住证综合信息网 and sensed the filthiness of the:French Revolution

(Slogan \“liberty, fraternity, and equality\”)。 He saw that Jacobite took the power from Gironde, who was 高中学历如何进修radical。 Lewis XIIII was killed。 He became conservative in politics。

1795 A gentleman friend gave him some money that enabled him to live in Great Lake with his sister Dorothy who 高中学历如何进修never got married and live with William Wordsworth of all her life。

1798 The beginning of the Romantic period。 He lived by the riverside with his sister writing poems for 8 years。

1813 Wordsworth received a sinecure as a distributor。

1843 He sueeded Southey as Poet:Laureate。

William Wordsworth is the best-known and oldest poet among the Lake Poet。

3 groups of his poetry

1。 Simple, rural folk: wrote when he lived in Great Lake district。

e。g。 \“Lucy Poem\”: full of:innocence and simpleness。

2。 Childhood: beautiful and instructive。

e。g。 \“We are seven\”, a short poem in the form of a dialogue between the poet and a 8-year-old girl。 The poem reveals Wordsworth\’s 深圳市居住证综合信息网 philosophy of pre-existence of soul。 The girl is too innocent to recognize death。

\“Ode: Intimations and Immortality\”, explains 高中学历如何进修 his philosophy of pr-existence, explains the from childhood to manhood。

3。 Nature - the most important part

About animals, plants, emotions。

e。g。 \“To a butterfly\”,高中学历如何进修:\“To a skylark\”,

\“My heart leaps up\”, expresses the joy of seeing rainbow。

   The major works of William Wordsworth。

Tintern Abby, it bines his feelings as worship of nature, with his impression gathered during his second visit。 In this poem, Wordsworth reveals

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